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Multiparametric Analysis of Scientific Image Data (Laptop Required; NEW!)

We offer a hands-on course for analyzing multiparametric data typically extracted from images in high content analysis using the open source platform KNIME. The course will show how to transform complex datasets into biological insights using advanced data mining techniques without programming.

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The course is an ideal extension of the short course "Digital Image Processing and Analysis for the Laboratory Scientist: Theory and Application" by Matthew Fronheiser and Mark Russo. This excellent course teaches how to generate the multiparametric data that is then analyzed in this course. Possible synergies with.

Instructor Information:

Marc Bickle heads the Technology Development Studio (TDS) of the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany (). The TDS is an open access screening facility specialised in high content screening of RNAi and chemical libraries. The TDS uses and creates open source software for analysing high content data and offers several courses on High Content Screening.

He has been involved in screening both in industry (Aptanomics SA Lyon France) and academia since 15 years and has been developing high content assays since 8 years. His group has been focused on exploiting the richness of multiparametric data and has developed many open source tools for KNIME to carry out sophisticated data mining strategies. Marc Bickle has several years of experience teaching image analysis and data mining with open source software to allow participants to directly apply what they have learned in the course in their own laboratory.