SLAS2016 Student and Early Career Professionals Programming

SLAS is pleased to offer activities at SLAS2016 specifically designed by and geared towards attending students and early career professionals. These programs provide a focused, valuable experience for those considering and embarking on a career in the field of laboratory sciences and technology.

Attendee programming and benefits include:

Discounted Conference and Short Course Registration for Students

SLAS is pleased to offer discounted SLAS2016 registration fees to students. Student registration is available online. Following receipt of their registration and payment, students will be contacted for a copy of their valid student ID to verify eligibility for registration discounts. Student registrations will not be confirmed until a valid copy of student ID is received by SLAS.

Student conference registration does not include short course registration, though a discounted rate for short courses is also available to students. For complete details or to register, click here.

Career-Focused Programming

Students and Early Career Professionals can take part in SLAS Career Connections at SLAS2016. Career Connections is one of the select few, highly discreet, automated employment programs that brings together its online professional services with its respected career center and development sessions at SLAS2016. Career workshops offered in San Diego include:

Joanne Kamens, Ph.D. Executive Director, Addgene will offer a three-prong series this year, focusing on Work/Life Balance, Transitions, and Mentoring:

  • Negotiating Work and Life"I'm Surviving (Happily) My Career in Science—You Can Too! The Kamens Ten Commandments of Work/Life Balance"
  • TransitionsAfter the training ends... taking steps for a fulfilling career in science
  • MentoringEnriching your mentoring relationships from both sides

Joanne will be available for Q&A in the Member Center before and after her Monday lunchtime seminar.


Dan Eustace, PhD, University of Connecticut will again offer his free one-on-one Career Counseling sessions as well as the session: The Negotiation Process. Negotiation is a process of motivating another person to do something that (s)he at the moment might not be inclined to do. The power you have to motivate is Leverage to Excel and complete tasks, assignments and projects assigned to you. Negotiation requires keen listening to establish your own needs and is not "me-centric". This seminar will cover real-life situations and provide tools that you can use in your own negotiations in work AND life.

Sign up for a one-on-one career counseling sessions with Dan Eustace now. Contact Suanne Determan for available slots. Get the most out of your time with Dan — be sure to bring your resume, CV, cover letter, research summary, Linkedin profiles, etc. for a comprehensive review.

Free Career Mentoring

Several experienced professionals, including members of ACS San Diego Chapter, will be on hand at SLAS2016 to provide complimentary mentoring and career advice.

Learn about the mentors and how to sign up for a session here.

Advance signup is required. For more information, please contact Suanne Determane at

Students and Early Career Professionals - Join the Fun!

Kick off your networking on the evening of Sunday, Jan. 24. From 5:30-7:00, all students and early career professionals are invited to meet at the nearby Tin Roof for games, live music and plentiful interaction with fellow SLAS2016 attendees. Get to know others who, like you, will drive the next wave of scientific innovation. Enjoy shuffleboard, baggo, giant Jenga, board games and a photo booth, exclusively for SLAS2016 participants! SLAS provides complimentary hors d'oeuvres, soft drinks and fun! A cash bar is available for those 21 and older. Come join us to start your SLAS2016 experience off right. The Tin Roof is located in walking distance from the San Diego Convention Center, at 401 G Street.

Student and Early Career Professionals Membership

and gain access to important programs and services that membership offers, including a direct connection to a network of peers and an array of resources that you can leverage to create pathways to success as a life sciences R&D professional. SLAS offers Student Memberships for just $25/year and Early Career Professional Memberships for just $60/year. Members-only benefits of SLAS include:

for more information on how to become a member of SLAS!