Tony B. Academic Travel Award

The Tony B. Academic Travel Award honors , an Association for Laboratory Automation (ALA) co-founder who passed away in August, 2009. Tony played a very inspirational and instrumental role in laboratory robotics and made significant contributions to ALA, the former LabAutomation conference and exhibition, and the scientific community as a whole. We are honored to remember him through a program that recognizes up-and-coming researchers who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in laboratory science and technology.

SLAS2016 Tony B. Award Recipients

60 Students will Travel to SLAS2016 through the SLAS Tony B. Academic Travel Awards Program

SLAS honors 59 undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and junior faculty members with SLAS Tony B. Academic Travel Awards for SLAS2016.

The winners from 16 different countries earned invitations to present their scientific achievements at SLAS2016. Winners were determined by a panel of judges who conducted comprehensive evaluations of student abstract proposals and made selections based on scientific merit. Click here for complete details on this program.

Through the SLAS Tony B. Academic Travel Awards program, each will receive roundtrip travel (coach airfare or mileage reimbursement), shared hotel accommodations and full conference registration (which includes access to 136 podium presentations, 300+ poster presentations, 19 short courses, 300+ exhibitors and scores of other workshops, meetings and special events).

The Tony B. Academic Travel Award winners for SLAS2016 are:


John Bassett, The University of QLD
Carrie Lovitt, Griffith University
Todd Shelper, Griffith University
Kate Jarman, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research


Richard Piffer, Soares de Campos, State University of Campinas
Ellen Flávia Gabriel, Institute of Chemistry, Federal university of Goias


Elika Garg, McGill University
Sayyed Soroush Nasseri, University of British Columbia
Samantha Grist, The University of British Columbia


Xianting Ding, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Li Zhang
Tao Pang, China Pharmaceutical University
Ying Wang, Fudan University

Czech Republic

Michal Gulka, Czech Technical University in Prague


Alexander Jönsson, University of Copenhagen


Andrea Traube, Fraunhofer IPA
Anna Popova, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Elena Tavkin, Technical University of Dresden


Talluri Siddhartha, JSS University


Jungho Ahn, Seoul National University


Tijmen Booij, Leiden University
Marianne Vormann, Leiden University
Vincent van Duinen, Leiden University


Agnieszka Michalczuk, Warsaw University of Technology
Katarzyna Tokarska, Warsaw University of Technology
Ewelina Tomecka, Warsaw University of Technology


Masturah Rashid, National University of Singapore

South Korea

Dong Yoon Oh, Seoul National University
Sungsik Kim, Seoul National University


Esther Masiá Sanchis, Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe (CIPF)


Celeste Manfredonia, University Hospital of Basel

United States

Jessica Wen, University of California, Riverside
Coleman Murray, UCLA
Allen Wang, University of Pittsburgh
Yonghui Ding, University of Colorado at Boulder
Hossein Tavana, The University of Akron
Christine Hong, UCLA School of Dentistry
Michael Page, Research Scholar
Amit Paul, University of Illinois at Chicago
Brunah Otieno, University of Connecticut
Ashley Fancher, University of Pittsburgh
Tingting Xu, Center for Environmental Biotechnology and Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Xiu-Lei Mo, Emory University
Joo Hun Kang, Wyss Institute/Harvard University
Rajeshwari Taruvai Kalyana Kumar, University of Texas at Dallas
Nadiezda Fernandez-Oropeza, University of New Mexico
Ziyan Zhao, University of Connecticut
Nandhinee Radha Shanmugam, University of Texas at Dallas
Anjan Panneer Selvam, University of Texas at Dallas
Dong-Keun Lee, UCLA
Kyungheon Lee, Massachusetts General Hospital
Eugene Lee, University of California, Irvine
Dmitry Markov, Vanderbilt University
Armin Nourani, The University of Texas at Austin - The Ellington Laboratory
Rishikesh Pandey, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ivan Pushkarsky, University of California, Los Angeles
Andrew Rennekamp, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and The Broad Institute
Joseph Siegel, University of Kansas
Ali Zarrinpar, University of California, Los Angeles
Steven Corsello, Broad Institute