Invite Your Customers and Prospects to SLAS2016

SLAS2016 is partnering with Exhibitor Invites to provide a complimentary, value-add service to all SLAS2016 exhibitors. Exhibitor Invites provides a convenient, no cost email marketing campaign for you to let your customers and prospects know that you'll be exhibiting at the SLAS2016, inviting them to attend the show, and keeping them informed about your latest products and services.

Exhibitor Invites Program Benefits — All included with your booth!

Exhibitor Invites is a great way to boost awareness about your company, and ensure that all of your key customers and prospects visit your booth at SLAS2016.

Check out these helpful resources about getting the most out of Exhibitor Invites:

Questions about the program? E-mail Exhibitor Invites customer support at: services@exhibitorinvites.com.