Late Night with LRIG: Rapid-Fire Innovation Session

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Don't miss this exclusive opportunity for companies to present their latest innovations in technology products and services impacting laboratory automation and screening. Late Night with LRIG is a highly interactive forum weaving together all the constituent audiences participating at SLAS2016. Take part in this open discussion among exhibitors and attendees! Beer and soft drinks are provided.

Late Night with LRIG: Rapid-Fire Innovation Session
Monday, January 25, 2016 — 6:30 - 8:30 pm
San Diego Convention Center
Room 6D


Andy Zaayenga, Managing Director, SmarterLab, Laboratory Automation Consulting
Anne Kopf-Sill, Director R&D, Tecan
Sanj Kumar, Chief Business Officer, Axol Bioscience Ltd

This session offers quick, discerning information-bites from these 18 companies or institutions serving the many industries employing the science of laboratory automation and screening:

Session #1   Moderator: Andy Zaayenga

Biodesy: Biodesy Delta: Real-time, Solution-based Measurement of Protein Conformational Change
Presenter: Sam Kintz, Business Development

Meniscense LLC: Simplifying Liquid Handling Validation: Directly Measure Volumes in Microplates
Presenter: Hans Luedemann

Firefly Bioworks, an Abcam Company: Multiplexed Biomarker Profiling
Presenter: Elnaz Atabakhsh, miRNA Specialist

Alvéole: The First Multi-proteins printing platform
Presenter: Luc Talini, CEO

Scigilian Software Inc.: Analyze for collaborative data analysis of assay results
Presenter: Jerry Ferentinos, Chief Technology Officer

Etaluma, Inc: Next Gen Automated Fluorescence Microscopy
Presenter: Chris Shumate, CEO

Session #2   Moderator: Sanj Kumar

Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC): A new future for HTS: screening of shared pharma libraries
Presenter: Steven van Helden, Business Development

SiO2 Medical Products: Advanced Bioscience Labware from SiO2 Medical Products
Presenter: Brian Maurer, Senior Vice President

PAIA Biotech GmbH: Streamlined bead-based assays for high-throughput protein and antibody analysis
Presenter: Sebastian Giehring, CEO

Hamilton Company: Hamilton's [MPE]2 the next era in automated sample preparation
Presenter: Garrett Voss, Senior Product Manager

Sigma-Aldrich: Expanding the Availability of Chemistry
Presenter: Dawn Redington, Technical Specialist

Universal Robots: The collaborative UR3 robot arm
Presenter: Craig Tomita, Area Sales Manager - West

Session #3   Moderator: Anne Kopf-Sill

Bruker Daltonics: MALDI PharmaPulse The Fastest MS System for Biochemical Screening
Presenter: Meike Hamester, Director Small Molecule Pharma Business

Elemental Machines: The Connected Lab - Using Machine Learning for Reproducible Science
Presenter: Sridhar Iyengar, CEO

Corning incorporated: 3D Spheroids using Corning HepatoCells and Spheroid Plate for High Throughput Hepatotoxicity test
Presenter: Rongjun Zuo, Senior Development Scientist

Multispan, Inc.: All functional assays in one cell line for studying GPCR signaling bias
Presenter: Alex Batchelor, EU Business Development

Adeptrix Corporation: BAMS: a dual mass spectrometry and fluorescence microarray platform for proteomics
Presenter: Vladislav Bergo, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Dispendix GmbH: Fast and Reliable Nanodispensing using Immediate Drop on Demand Technology (I-DOT)
Presenter: Christopher Laske, M. Sc, CTO